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Plumbing Fixtures For Your Bath

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We supply many of the major plumbing fixture brands and unique specialty fixtures that can transform your bath into a beautiful space. There have been some technological break-throughs that may interest you. Some of the popular plumbing ideas introduce audio, mood lighting, digital temperature settings, body jets, rain heads, adjustable hand showers, available with traditional and modern styling. We have included a few videos showing some interesting concepts below:

Bathroom Plumbing Videos

You can connect your sound device to your shower head for a new experience. Check out the Moxie wireless shower head (video shown above). After your shower, the speaker can be removed and taken with you.

Specialty showers can be designed to introduce multiple different soothing or invigorating experiences. When you want more from your bath, ask IN-HOUSE for shower design advice. See the shower curtain video above for one example of a unique fixture.

The digital revolution has become important to some homeowners. The video above shows a digital shower control option.

When planning a bathroom, it may be important to consider a curbless shower for ease of access. An unobstructed wet area looks fantastic and increases safety when entering or exiting. A comfort height toilet may make life easier for the less mobile. Watch the video above for more interesting bath concepts.

New waterproof systems make creating a barrier free bath a must have. Watch the video above to see how an entire space can be made waterproof without the use of a threshold.

Let Us Transform Your Bath

From technologically advanced plumbing fixtures to barrier free showers, we can provide the solutions that fit your home and your lifestyle. Whether you envision a simple Cape Cod sea side bath or a luxury spa, we can bring your dreams to life. We have unique free standing tubs, comfort height toilets, traditional and contemporary faucets, and a whole lot more. We can design your entire bath to include what ever your heart desires. Some of the plumbing fixture items we may incorporate are:

We also may incorporate other items to finish your bath with a perfect atmosphere. Some of those items might be:

You can obtain award winning design advise when you work with us. To schedule a free in-showroom consultation, please call 1-508-834-7399.

Plumbing Fixtures For Your Kitchen

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We can provide durable major brands of plumbing fixtures and unique plumbing items for your kitchen. Some of the popular items we offer are:

New Kitchen Plumbing Videos

The above video shows contemporary ways to use specialized kitchen sinks. It really can make a big difference in the way you prepare and clean up. Ask IN-HOUSE how to help make your life easier by adding some convenient items to your new kitchen.

Faucets can add functionality and style to any sink. The video above shows some interesting designs in plumbing fixtures. Let us know if any of theses concepts interest you.

You can obtain award winning design advise when you work with us. To schedule a free in-showroom consultation, please call 1-508-834-7399.