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Cape Cod Kitchen Cabinets - Project Ideas

Author: Barry Tuttle

I have been designing and delivering kitchen cabinets (and related items) to Cape Cod homeowners for over 34 years. During this time, I earned two national awards for kitchen design. Suppling a wide range of cabinets from stock to custom built kitchens, I have been able to satisfy an extremely large and varied section of the Cape Cod cabinet market. This article will address some of the important insights about purchasing cabinets on the Cape in the attempt to educate homeowners about this process of designing and obtaining that perfect kitchen space. For more information about IN-HOUSE design service, click here.

Most Cape Cod homes were built with economy and quick production in mind offering low budget kitchens. Some of the better built custom homes (many along the coast) may have a traditional grand facade, but often the kitchen was completed as a necessary but not well-planned space. So, there are many homes in need of new kitchens due to lack of planning and/or initial low quality products installed. There are also a very large number of homes in the area that have kitchens with two many doorways to allow for proper working kitchen design. So instead of discussing all the common kitchen design problems I have observed on the Cape, I hope to impart my knowledge of practical solutions.

One concept that always seems to be the homeowner’s intent is to obtain the biggest bang for the buck while avoiding mistakes. I advise homeowners to seek out professionals that have a wide variety of products (and price ranges) and that also exhibit a love for creating spaces that exceed expectations. A great completed project always involves those with a passion to listen, understand your specific requirements, and create a space that fits with your dreams. Kitchen design professionals that offer this package are worth their weight in gold. IN-HOUSE practices this model.

For several years, the biggest trend for Cape Cod style kitchens was to purchase traditional white cabinets. Virtually all the low-end white cabinet finishes do not hold up well, and better made cabinets are often designed to look too formal creating an uneasy atmosphere. So, homeowners can be left with a dingy or tension filled space to work in. More durable finishes are now available, and designs can incorporate personality to cut back on the stark/tension inducing formal look. Over the years I have listened to homeowner’s complaints and have learned from their mistakes. I have seen trends come and go. To see some examples of traditional style cabinets, click here.

Cape Cod cabinets with white and pastel blue cabinets.

Image: Cape Cod cabinets with white painted perimeter and custom pastel blue painted island.

Fresh ideas to enhance Cape Cod kitchen design add multiple colors to the kitchen. White is still strong and will always remain popular but adding light pastel colors often make the atmosphere more enjoyable and airier. In addition to light pastel colors, one might choose items that add a feeling of the beach to their Cape home. Back splashes with a touch of sea glass. Nautical style hardware. Flooring that resembles a sail boat deck. Base cabinets made from driftwood combined with white wall cabinets. Thinking outside of the stark white kitchen theme can create a wonderful space that has pleasing character and offers a more enjoyable relaxing atmosphere to work in.

Driftwood and white cabinets.

Image: Driftwood base cabinets with white upper cabinets.

If you feel plagued by having too many doorways in your kitchen, you are among many disheartened locals. You might consider removing a wall or two. The open floor plan concept often adds a feeling of casual comfort. When considering altering your kitchen in such a way, you should consult with someone that understands construction well. IN-HOUSE can determine what kind of work might be required and how that will affect your project completion date and costs. Sometimes this is a simple task involving a few thousand dollars and sometimes it requires modifying the building’s support structure.

shaker style cabinets in an open floor plan concept.

Image: Shaker style cabinets in an open floor plan concept. Vaulted ceiling and extra natural light.

inset style cabinets with a pastel blue finish.

Image: Shaker inset style cabinets with a pastel grey blue finish.

Project expenses need to be controlled. IN-HOUSE understands that design considerations affect the bottom line. I always ask homeowners for a budget on their project prior to making design recommendations. That way I can understand what is possible and what would be beyond limits. If I see a potential great improvement that stretches beyond the limits, I will always mention the possibilities, but my main design focus is providing a feasible plan that fits the homeowner’s complete vision including costs. Always ask your professionals if they can achieve success with the budget you have in mind.

If you need a new kitchen, please feel free to call IN-HOUSE at 1-508-834-7399 to set up a free consultation.

Maybe you don’t want a Cape Cod style kitchen. Some homeowners prefer a very sleek modern concept kitchen. To see some of our modern kitchen design concepts, click here.